Please read these instructions carefully before assembly. It is important to follow them exactly to avoid damaging your Cuckoo Clock.

Any Damages caused by not following the instructions will invalidate the Warranty.

Installation Guide for Chalet Cuckoo Clock (House Style)

Installation Guide for Traditional Cuckoo Cuckoo

1) Use a strong long nail, inclined at 45 degree angle upwards on an even wall surface (Minimum 8ft above the ground).


2) Carefully unpack the Cuckoo clock, pendulum and weights.

3) Open the back cover & remove the paper strip at the back.

4) Remove the two clamps. They are marked with

5) Open the paper bag underneath the clock; it contains the chains. Chains are fastened with a wire. Please remove the wire.

Please do not turn the clock upside down, the clock can be damaged.

6) Hang up the clock on a strong nail and should flush on the wall. The clock must be hung in vertical position. If not, the pendulum will stop swinging.

7) Unlatch the door of the cuckoo bird by
moving the wire to the side.

If it is not unlatched, the cuckoo won’t come out

8) Hang the pendulum on to the loop.

9) Hang each of the weights on to the chain hooks. Please ensure that the pendulum is swinging freely.

*There are
– 2 weights for clocks without music,
– 3 weights for clocks with music.

10) SETTING THE TIME : Turn the silent switch on (refer point no. 13) Rotate the minute hand (long hand) in clockwise direction slowly taking support of the centre knob. Wait for the strike to happen at positions 12 & 6 of the clock.
* Do not turn the hour hand (small hand).
* Do not rotate the minute hand in anticlockwise direction.

11) To start the clock, gently push the
pendulum to one side, the clock will commence ticking. 

You will know that the clock is hanging correctly if the “tick, tock, tick, tock” of the pendulum is regular and the cuckoo clock does not stop.

12) The accuracy of the clock can be regulated by the pendulum. Take the pendulum off the loop to regulate the speed.

To make the clock tick slower, move the pendulum-disk on the pendulum down-ward.

To make it faster, push the pendulum-disk upwards (1cm = ± 5min). Let the clock run for 1-2 days before you regulate the speed again.

13) Silent Switch (Loop or lever)
Cuckoo clocks have a switch to turn off the cuckoo bird and music.

14) Rewinding the cuckoo clock

Depending upon the model, the clock must be wound up every 24 hours or every 7 days.
This is done by pulling the free end of the chains and assist the weights to raise them back to the top.

Please DO NOT pull on the weights! That will break the gears in the clock.

All our clocks are lovingly made by hand. Please handle them with care.