KM 7- Black Forest Women


(M.R.P. – Inclusive of 18% GST)

Design : Chalet

Movement : 1 Day Winding

Dimension :

Height : 12” x Width : 10” x Depth : 07”

Weight : Appx. 3 Kgs.

Animation : Yes ( Moving Black Forest Women )



Features :

  • Cuckoo Sounds on Each Hour depending on the hour and  Half Hourly one time, with a bell sound and Moving Black Forest Women The “cuc-koo” sound is created by two  bellows (pipes) in the clock, the clock’s movement activates the bellows to send a puff of air into each pipe alternately when the clock strikes.
  • On the side of the cabinet there is a Lever/Rod  by which the cuckoo strike is switched off manually. .
  • Cuckoo clock cabinet, dial, pendulum and hands are handcrafted, made of Black Forest German Wood.
  • There are 2 weights made of cast iron in a pine cone shape , weighing 275gm each.
  • The height of the clock does not include the length of the pendulum and weights. The length of suspended  chains is 6 feet.
  • There are 2 chains, one  for the clock and one for the cuckoo.
  • The clock is wound every 24 hrs., This is done by pulling  the free end of the chains and assisting the weights to raise them back to the top.
  • Black forest German cuckoo clocks come with a VDS Certificate of Authenticity and  2 years international warranty against manufacturing defects.