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Booking -first step involves booking the clock at our service center to get an evaluation report on the working of the clock.

Estimation-the details of the faults and servicing are conveyed to the client along with its estimated cost for approval.

Dismantling the clock-the complete movement and other outer components are dismantled, up to 100smaller parts that the clock may contain

Cleaning-the clockmaker places the dismantled clock parts into an ultrasonic cleaning tank

Change of parts-movement components as well as exterior parts are examined for any damage and all defected parts are replaced with new ones. Spare parts used by our service center are all authentic and procured from the manufacturers

Polishing – our polishing expert polishes the case until they look as good as new.

Reassembly & lubrication of the movement – once the clock case and other parts have been cleaned and polished, the technician begins the reassembly process of the movement and lubricates the movement with the specific German oil.

Testing – testing the repaired clock is the final test that is performed on the clock after it has been completely reassembled by the technician. This test takes 4 days in order to certify proper functioning of your master piece

Delivery -once time accuracy is checked and certified by the technician, the repaired clock is ready for delivery/courier to enjoy its authentic melodious cuu-koo.

Warranty -all clocks serviced at Kismet Watch Company come with a 1yr warranty for the repairs done; the next service for your cuckoo clocks is due after 2years for healthy maintenance for your clocks