• Turn the minute hand (Long Hand) Clockwise direction & set the time to 12.30
  • Open the back cover and insert 2 batteries in the slot ( Pay attention to the Plus / Minus terminals). Clock with Music need 3 Batteries.
  • Batteries to be used – C Sized Alkaline, LR 14, 1.5 V, Varta Batteries.
  • Please do not use Rechargeable Batteries.
  • To set the time rotate the minute hand (Long Hand) in clockwise direction and allow the cuckoo / Music function to complete every hour & synchronize with time.
  • The initial cuckoo strike should be @ 1 o’clock, accordingly set the time by rotating the minute hand (Long Hand).
  • Do not rotate the minute hand (Long Hand) in Anti clockwise direction.
  • Do not rotate the hour hand (Small Hand).
  • Hang the Cuckoo Clock on the wall (Bright Area), fix the pendulum in the loop at the bottom of the clock (give gentle tap and allow it to swing) hang the given weights in the hook.
  • On the left side of the cabinet :-
  • There is a light sensor by which the Cuckoo Strike is switched off automatically during the night.
  • A switch for the Sound – High / Low / Off.
  • Incase the cuckoo strike does not synchronize with the time, then remove the batteries, Rotate the minute hand in clock wise direction, set the time to 12.30, reinsert the batteries & set the time to 1 o’clock.
  • Replace the batteries when the clock goes slow / stops / cuckoo bird does not come out / go inside.


  • Use a strong long nail, inclined at 45 degree angle upwards on an even wall surface (Minimum 8ft above the ground).
  • Place the clock on the nail, such that it is horizontally straight and flush on the wall.
  • Turn the door latch so that it is clear of the cuckoo door.
  • Hang the pendulum on to the loop and hang the weights onto the weight hooks.
  • Note the position of lever for cuckoo strike/music (this feature is on the left side or below the case of the clock)
  • Remove the rubber band / Locking Rod tied on the clock and allow the chain to fall freely
  • Start the clock by pushing the pendulum to the side to allow it to swing.

– Rotate the minute hand (long hand) in clockwise direction slowly taking support of the centre knob. Wait for the strike to happen at positions 12 & 6 of the clock.
-Do not turn the hour hand (small hand).
-Do not rotate the minute hand in anticlockwise direction.

-1 day winding clocks – pull the free end of the chain daily slowly to raise the weights
-8 day winding clocks – pull the free end of the chain weekly once slowly and assist the weights to raise them.
-Do not pull the weights down.

-If your clock is not keeping good time this can be corrected by moving the pendulum bob of the pendulum.
-UP – to make clock run faster
-DOWN – to make the clock run slower

-Get your clocks serviced every 2years
-Use a soft dry paint brush to clean your clocks externally.